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A.A. Cassimatis General Store Museum

Muttaburra, Australia

Stocks of hardware, automotive supplies, crockery, and farm machinery are on display as though time had simply stopped at some point in the 1930s. 


Nowadays the sleepy Queensland town of Muttaburra is best known for the discovery of the towering dinosaur known as the Muttaburrasaurus. But it also boasts a number of other unusual finds, including the A.A. Cassimitis General Store Museum. 

The Cassimitis General Store Museum is a general store originally founded in 1918 that appears to have been later abandoned and preserved in time, with stocks of hardware, automotive supplies, crockery, and farm machinery all still on display.

In 1911, Andrew Andrew (A.A.) Cassimatis and his son George left their home on a Greek island to build a new life in Australia. After some time in Sydney, the father-son duo moved north and then west, finally landing in Muttaburra. A.A. and George built a general store in the town in 1918. The small store sold everything from groceries and hardware to automotive supplies. Eventually the Cassimatises expanded into other businesses: icemaking, soft drinks, agriculture, and more. 

The store closed not long after A.A. Cassimatis died in 1942. The building became a bank for a time, but in the 1990s, the Cassimatis General Store was restored as a museum celebrating the business that it once was.

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