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Abandoned Hospital San Juan de Dios

Granada, Nicaragua

The crumbling remains of a once-grand building. 


Located in the heart of Granada, barely a block from the Terminal de Buses Granada-Managua, the ruins of an old hospital are hidden in plain sight. From the road the building first appears to be just another facade of an old colonial building.  Yet, a walk down the block on either side reveals an incredible abandoned structure that begs to be explored.

The ruins are of the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Not much information is available about the hospital, but according to most accounts it was built around 1905 and abandoned 100 years thereafter. It bears the same Spanish-Colonial influence as many of the other buildings in Granada. 

The ruins are easily accessed from the sidewalk on either side, no sneaking around, trespassing, or bribery required. Although overgrown and extremely dilapidated (they are called “ruins” for a reason), it’s possible to explore the entire property. Despite the condition of the place, it’s eerily clear what everything once was—a grand entry hall, patient rooms, concrete cabinets, and medical tables, bathrooms, and even an altar for praying. The paint is, strangely enough, hospital scrub green with accents of red.

Know Before You Go

Best viewed from a safe distance, do not enter or trespass on the property. 

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