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Amado, Arizona

Longhorn Grill

This giant steer-skull edifice might be abandoned, but it refuses to die.  

Last known as the Longhorn Grill, the abandoned commercial space in Amado, Arizona that makes visitors walk through the nose hole of a giant longhorn skull is one of the most iconic buildings in the area, even if it has been pretty much abandoned. 

The building, which is sculpted to look like a colossal cow skull resting against a huge boulder, was built in the 1970s by an enterprising entrepreneur who clearly knew the power of both novelty architecture and giant skulls. While it was most recently a restaurant, the building had actually been a bait shop, a clothing store, and a roofing company. Although none of those businesses seemed as appropriate for the space as the steakhouse it became in 1993.

The Longhorn Grill operated until 2012, when it finally faced foreclosure and had to be sold at auction. As late as 2013, the space was said to have been used for parties and the like, but it seems to still be largely out of commission.

Despite this, the proudly Western roadside icon remains to this day. The concrete, rebar, and stucco that the 30-foot tall horns are made of continues to hold up despite years under the Arizona sun. You can still go and take your picture outside of it, just don’t try to go inside. Trespassing in giant abandoned skulls is never a good idea.     

Update: This is scheduled to reopen on May 29, 2019.

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