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Abandoned Skate Park on the Bruce Trail

An abandoned skate park located in the middle of the wilderness.  


Running through Ontario, the Bruce Trail is one of the oldest marked footpaths in Canada. The path ventures from Queenston to Tobermory and is full of wonderful sites. Along this trail, in the middle of the woods in Dundas, Ontario hikers will find something quite unexpected as they travel, an abandoned skatepark. 

Apparently, there was once a house that was being constructed on the property adjacent to the Bruce Trail. The project was eventually abandoned and some locals decided to convert the foundation into a skateable park. In addition to the skatepark, there is also a dilapidated outhouse on the property. 

Know Before You Go

There are multiple ways to get to this location. The most direct and respectful way is to drive to the dead-end of Old Guelph Rd and park your car. Take the stairs up to the top of the escarpment and be careful.

Follow the trail. There will be no need to wander off to go looking for the skate park. Stay on the trail and you will cross some private property that allows hikers through as part of the trail, so be respectful. Eventually, you will come across the concrete structure and you will know you have arrived.

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