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Aguinid Falls

Oslob, Philippines

Calcium-rich water has turned the water and rocks of these Philippines falls slightly green. 


The faded green, orb-like formations of rock that Aguinid Falls’ water flows over gives the entire scene an otherworldly atmosphere, bathing both the water and the rocks in touches of green. 

The Tangbo River, which the falls are connected to, is rich in calcium. This gives the rock, and water, at Aguinid Falls a slightly green hue, and makes the water a bit warmer than at other falls. Which is good because a proper trip to Aguinid Falls means getting wet. To see the falls in its entirety, visitors will have to do some climbing and wading through the falls’ five levels, six if you count level zero. Plan accordingly and wear something to swim in and bring zip lock bags/waterproof cases for cameras, phones, etc.

With its alien beauty, Aguinid stands out among the many waterfalls that attract visitors to the south of Cebu. Though it does not have the intimidating height like the more popular (and crowded) Kawasan Falls an hour away, its humble and hidden nature give it special charm.

There’s an entrance fee of Php10 (less than $1) which goes towards maintaining the area. There are also guides available at the entrance. Important to note, the guides at Aguinid serve voluntarily, and are not paid a set fee, so tipping is the nice thing to do. Their importance will be obvious once visitors start the beautiful, and slightly precarious trek through the falls. 

Know Before You Go

Wear flip-flops (bare feet make climbing easier). Prepare to get wet. Tip your guides!

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