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Air Hollywood

No matter what it might seem like on film, most scenes filmed on a plane are filmed at this LA studio. 


One of the great things about movies is their ability to transport you into all kinds of different scenarios including the interior of airplanes. But don’t let them fool you. The majority of scenes filmed in flying planes are actually shot at the Air Hollywood film studio.

First established in 1998, the studio caters to the needs of any and all airplane-related shooting needs. They have all sorts of different airplane interiors that were built modularly so that they can be altered and reconfigured to match the look and feel of all sorts of craft from across different time periods. This includes jet liners, small planes, wide-bodied commercial craft and just about everything in between. They are also decked out with all the necessary props to make flying look convincing like serving trays and pilot headsets.

Air Hollywood also has a collection of cockpits full of blinking lights and working switches for actors to fiddle around with randomly. They even have the cockpit from the seminal movie about air travel, Airplane!

Regular ol’ people (with a fair amount of money to burn) can visit Air Hollywood as well as they host semi-regular dinners in their recreation of a historic Pan-Am jet. Next time you get jealous of the luxury travel actors must get to take part in during the course of their job, just remember, they are probably in a warehouse.      

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