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almighty Opp

A monthly street "service" of handmade puppets and live original puppets, whose devotees profess has the power to change lives. 


For over a decade, a monthly “service” arrives by bike to corner of Western & Elmwood in Koreatown to blow your mind, only to bike away again after the witching hour.

The almighty Opp is one of those rare, fantastic things in life that is better experienced than described. The key elements to understand before arriving are as follows: two gents known only as Jeffrey’s Human Persona and Kranko the Human Person roll up on bicycles to the corner of Western and Elmwood in the heart of Koreatown, unfold an elaborate display, and put on much more than a puppet show featuring handmade puppets, live original music, and plenty of surprises.

People live for this. They wait all month for this one night, and when it finally arrives, they cozy up on the sidewalk, sharing blankets and snacks. The atmosphere can have the feeling of a self-help group at times, with spectators exchanging stories of how “the Opp” has effected and changed their lives, which is quite the miraculous feat for a show featuring predominantly non-human entities.

Although the show has always been free, they accept offerings in the form of monetary donations, supplies for more creations, or even locks of hair from the willing.

Know Before You Go

Corner of Western and Elmwood

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