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American International Rattlesnake Museum

A museum devoted entirely to the rattlesnakes and snake-related art. 


The Rattlesnake Museum is home to the most diverse collection of rattlesnakes in the world, with live displays of 34 different species.

The museum also features rarities like albino snakes, a Gila Monster (which chews on its prey to inject as much poison into of the victim’s bloodstream as possible), a beautiful assortment of snake skeletons, and artifacts from snake appearances in pop culture.

But the museum doesn’t limit its selection to only natural exhibits. Numerous rare and intriguing works of art line the walls and display cases.

Of particular note is the only watercolor of a rattlesnake by John J. Audubon, which illustrates the snake being attacked by a flock of birds. And a beautiful opium jar from 1910 is carved in the shape of a skull with a viper woven through the eye sockets to indicate poison.

The gift shop features an array of charming gifts, as one might imagine of a snake museum. One highlight: snake fangs from the Gabon Viper, which boasts the longest fangs in the world, are available for individual purchase.

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