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Galarie D'Art Park

A tiny, forgotten park of surrealist sculptures in Angouleme. 


Directly across from the International Museum of Comics and Graphic Novels in center of Angoulême is an old folly building right off the street. An archway nearby, marked “Galarie D’Art” leads to a small, forgotten park.

Angoulême declared itself the center for comics and graphic novels. It celebrates with an annual city-wide festival devoted to the subject. Though the International Museum of Comics and Graphic novels, which opened in 2009, may steal the show, it’s worth crossing the street to explore a hidden spot marked with a small pond surrounded by surrealist sculptures.

Two massive hands flank the pond, which overlooks the city. One rests on a book and the other appears as though it’s drawing the pond with a giant pencil. A stone bird on an obelisk watches over the spot.

After visiting the museum, it’s a nice spot to sit and reflect on the panels you’ve just seen.

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