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Anlage 0704

Nehren, Germany

Powerline dead since the 1980s despite appearances. 


Anlage 0704 is a 110 kV overhead line running from a branch pylon at Schleifenmuhle to the Nehren substation in Germany. On first look, this powerline appears to be similar to many other powerlines, but when you look at the last pylon of the line before reaching the Nehren substation, you realize that there’s something different here: The conductors do not run into the substation, but are fixed at the pylon. At the other end, at the branch pylon at Schleifenmuhle, the conductors end at the lowest crossbar without any connections to the conductors. This line cannot be energized; it’s dead, despite appearances otherwise.

This line could quickly be transformed into an operating line - it just requires an extension into the Nehren substation and a replacement of the missing conductors at the branch - but it hasn’t since been fixed since at least the 1980s.

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April 27, 2011

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