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Stork Nest Farm

Olbramovice, Czechia

Czech architects borrow from the nest design of the stork to revitalize a farmstead, hoping to inspire the same loyalty the birds had shown.  


When Design studio SGL Projeckt was hired to rennovate an old farmstead into a event and recreation center, they found the property was already in use. Since 1926, storks migrating from Africa had come back to the farm to nest in it’s chiminey. Inspired by the dedication of the birds and the unassuming simplicity of their nest designs, the architects built a riding arena resembling a giant bird’s nest.

The arena, which can be used for riding but also modified quickly for presentations or events, is 34 meters in diameter and 12.5 meters tall. Built with “arced glulam timber beams covered in translucent polycarbonate and a woven nest of oak logs”, the arena can hold up to 200 people for an event, and it’s organic design provides ventilation, shade, and a natural skylight.

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