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Argonaute Submarine

The Argonaute submarine was the French navy's pride and joy in the 1950's. 


The Argonaute French submarine, also known as the S636, was launched on October 23rd, 1958 as a flagship within the Toulon submarine squadron. With its stealthy, silent diesel engines and its 40-man crew, the Argonaute was considered one of the most modern submarines in the world. She spent 2,147 days at sea, made ten trips around the world, and was underwater for a total of 32,700 hours.

After 24 years of loyal service, the Argonaute was retired from active service. She was transferred from Toulon to Gibraltar to Le Havre, and then to the Canal de l’Ourcq, where she was lifted from the water by cranes and moved to her current location in Paris.

In 1991, the Argonaute was opened to the public, and its interior is still open daily with an admission fee.

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Know Before You Go

Metro : Line 7, "Porte de la Villette " station.
Bus : 75, 139, 150, 152, 249, PC.
Fee-paying car park : entrance Quai de la Charente.

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