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Ark Encounter

Williamstown, Kentucky

A theme park featuring a replica of Noah's Ark built to the measurements specified in the Bible. 


The Ark Encounter is a combination of a theme park and a Biblical recreation. The main attraction is the replica of Noah’s Ark, which was built using the measurements specified in the Book of Genesis: It is 510 feet long, 51 feet high, and 85 feet wide. 

Visitors are able to explore the three decks of the ark, including examining the craftsmanship of what is called the largest timber structure in the United States. 

On board the ark are sculptures of the different types of animals, many of them now extinct. Many of the cages also have plaques describing the Biblical view of how every “kind” of animal fit on the original ark, and how these would reproduce after their kind into the millions of species we have today.

Other exhibits on the ark include animatronics of Noah and his family. Some liberties have been taken by giving the women names from tradition rather than holding strictly to the Bible, which does not name them.  Private quarters, common living room, kitchen and food storage areas are depicted and described. 

Outside of the ark, the park also offers zip-line rides, a petting zoo, and a café.  There are plans to add on and expand the park. 

Know Before You Go

Adequate parking is available, and a bus takes visitors from the parking lot to the ark. Combination tickets for both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum are available. Strollers and scooters are available and navigation between of the three decks of the ark is done by ramps so the experience is handicap accessible. There are vendors selling water, soft drinks, and snacks on each deck. The park is located right off the highway, and across from a gas station.

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