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Army & Navy Building

This 19th-century heritage building once housed a department store that supplied British provisions in the city. 


In the art district of Kala Ghoda in Mumbai, just opposite the statue of the horse, there stands a stunning heritage structure called Army & Navy Building. 

The Army & Navy Co-Operative Society was formed in London in September 1871 by a group of military officers, with the aim to provide articles of domestic consumption and general use to its members at the best rates. The society grew over the years and soon after, British personnel in India felt the need to have the same in India. Upon their request, a branch of the Army & Navy Stores was opened in Mumbai (then Bombay) in 1891.

The building was designed by Frederick William Stevens and David Gostling. Soon thereafter, branches were opened in Kolkata (then Calcutta), New Delhi, and other places across India.

It was very popular among British officials posted in India. It provided them with tropical provisions which they needed for their new lives here, as well as the things they missed from back home. Other than providing groceries, clothing, and other necessities, the store also offered the expatriates services such as travel arrangements.

The building is in the middle of an area that is full of stunning heritage structures such as David Sassoon Library & Reading Room, Jehangir Art Gallery, Elphinstone College, and a lot more.

Today, the Army & Navy Building houses various companies of the Tata Group.

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This building is located at Kala Ghoda in the business district of Fort in Mumbai, opposite the statue of the horse.

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