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ArtWalk Vaughan is permanently closed.

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ArtWalk Vaughan

Vaughan, Ontario

This former big box store has been reimagined as a massive public art space.  


Each side of this 30,000 square foot former big box store has been painted by a different artist. Resulting in four colorful and distinct styles and themes. 

In collaboration with LNDMRK, the art agency responsible for Montreal’s MURAL festival, the empty warehouse was transformed into a walkable work of art. Four international artists were commissioned to paint one side of the building each. More than 300 gallons and 1,000 cans of paint were used to complete the 30,000 square-foot canvas.

On the south side, there is a mural named Here Comes the Sun painted by Madrid artist Ricardo Cavalo. Interestingly, since the painting was done during Covid-related travel restrictions, the artist directed the painting virtually. The colorful piece represents individuals sharing their inner light with the world during a difficult time.

The west side of the building features Birds of a Feather, painted by Toronto artist Jerry Rugg (known as birdO). The piece features large birds, colorful geometric shapes, and soft pastel backgrounds.

On the east side, a mural by Montreal-based artist Jeremy Shantz explores time, space, and endless transformation.  

And on the north side, a piece called Better Together by Toronto artist, Ben Johnston reminds visitors that our voyage on earth is limited by time and space, and that we need to band together to create lasting memories.

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