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Badrulchau Stone Monoliths

These ancient monoliths make up one of the largest archaeological sites in Palau. 


Possibly the largest and oldest archaeological site in Palau, the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths can be found on the hill slopes at the northernmost point of Babeldaob Island. The site consists of 52 basalt megaliths lined up in two rows, crude faces carved into some of them. Archaeologists estimate its construction dates back to around the year 161.

The purposes of these stone monuments have been a question, but it is believed that they served as pillars for a bai, a type of traditional Palauan meeting-house. According to legends, this bai was constructed by the gods and could house thousands of people at one time. If that is the case, the monoliths may be the remains of the largest bai ever built.

If you’re fond of Pacific history, archaeological mysteries, and a spectacular view of the sea, you will enjoy this hidden treasure of ruins.

Know Before You Go

Badrulchau is located in Ngarchelong State on Babeldaob Island. The entrance and ticket office are located on a small hill, beneath which the Monoliths can be found.

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