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Badu Mangroves

A boardwalk winds through this sliver of coastal nature hidden within Sydney. 


The Badu Mangroves are found within the Sydney Olympic Park complex adjacent to Homebush Bay. The mangroves are surrounded by parkland and a water bird refuge, where you can see variety of shorebirds, ducks, pelicans, and small songbirds. Several shipwrecks are also present a few meters off the shore from the refuge, including the SS Ayrfield.

Before the 1990s, the mangroves were largely overlooked, as they were considered irrelevant. Industrial factories and chemical plants dumped pollution into the area, causing  lasting damage. Fortunately, recent research has led people to realize how important they are for the local marine ecosystem.

There is an excellent elevated boardwalk system that’ll take you through the center of the mangroves, allowing you to experience the ecosystem without damaging the vegetation. The walkways are in excellent condition and would be accessible for both wheelchairs and strollers. To the south of the mangroves are a number of picnic areas, which include bathrooms.

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