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Barber Marina

Elberta, Alabama

Come for the boats, stay to explore the intriguing assortment of art. 


George W. Barber apparently likes sculpture, whether kitschy or fine. His marina, on some 800 acres on the peninsula between Wolf Bay and Ingram Bayou, is full of much more than boats.

The entrance road to the marina yields its surprises slowly. First, there’s what looks like a classical Roman goddess surrounded by Corinthian columns next to a large pond, visible through a cut in the pine forest. Then there’s a fiberglass replica of Stonehenge nestled in a small clearing in the pines. Then four dinosaurs in the pines. 

The reveals continue. Barber Parkway ends, and you turn right onto Neptune Boulevard, which leads to a traffic circle surrounding a beautiful, authentic Italian Renaissance fountain surmounted with a statue of Neptune.

As you continue toward the marina, now visible, watch out for knights and replica Chinese terra cotta warriors standing guard, a huge spider, and four bronze Atlantean sea horses.  Park and walk to the yacht basin, and the “Lady-in-the-Lake” will come into view around its right (west) side.

Know Before You Go

Do not board any of the boats docked there without permission of the owner. If you visit by water, there is transient boater's docking available, as well as diesel and marine gasoline for sale. Call on VHF channel 16, or by phone 251-987-2628.