Basshenge – Baudette, Minnesota - Atlas Obscura
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A garden full of metal sculptures that celebrate the double bass. 


As stones create Stonehenge, basses create Basshenge. In 2001, Chicago Symphony double bassist Joseph Guastafeste collaborated with artists to create this monument to the double bass off of Highway 11 in Minnesota. The spiral of sculptures forms a bass clef when viewed from above.

The metal bass sculptures are made from thin steel plating. There are 21 basses in total, and the ones in the center are taller than the ones that make up the outer ring. Pairs of basses around the outside circle are connected by metal crosspieces representing virtues like patience, love, and brotherhood.

It’s about as far from Symphony Hall as you can get, and you will have to walk through some weeds for a close view (check for ticks!).

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