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Bavaria Filmstadt

Grünwald, Germany

This German version of Universal Studios holds a vault of treasures from the NeverEnding Story. 


One of the easiest complaints about the film, The NeverEnding Story, is that it does in fact have an ending.  At the German film studio where most of the movie was filmed, you can continue the adventure yourself, using actual props from the film.

Bavaria Film is a large European film studio based in Munich, Germany, and like the American Universal Studios, they have a portion of their facilities that are devoted to visitors who want to step inside and see where the movie magic happens. Known as the Bavaria Filmstadt, this attraction offers set and prop tours of the many film and television productions that have taken place on the site. In addition to the guided tour through the actual film leftovers, there are also rides and a stunt show to complete the experience. But make no mistake, it is the film props that are the major draw.

A number of famous films have been filmed at the studio, most notably for American audiences, Das Boot and The NeverEnding Story. From Das Boot there is a scale exterior of the titular submarine, and some interior sets to explore, but it is the NeverEnding Story stuff that really stands out. One of the original Falcor models is here, and you can ride it (although it looks a bit shaggier than you may remember)! Brave the Southern Oracle (or at least the scale models)! Take a selfie with the Rock Biter! At the Bavaria Filmstadt, the story never did end!

Bavaria Filmstadt might not have the bombast or spectacle of a Universal Studios, or even a Knott’s Berry Farm, but it does have a ridable luck dragon, which actually sets it above all comers.        

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