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Waterbury, Vermont

Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

The sweetest graveyard in the world is filled with headstones for dearly de-pinted ice cream flavors. 

Ben & Jerry might be a couple of hippified ice cream tycoons these days, but never let it be said that they have outgrown their heart. Case in point the deliciously somber Flavor Graveyard located on the grounds of their factory in Waterbury, Vermont.

Opened in 1997, the memorial to flavors gone by was originally an online-only affair, until the a handful of resin headstones were mocked up and planted on hill behind the factory. Like some pet cemetery for punny ice cream recipes, each grave marker was given a clever epitaph that summed up the life and death of the flavor. Among the dearly de-pinted (the term used on the Ben & Jerry’s website) flavors are fan favorites like Turtle Soup, Fossil Fuel, and of course, Wavy Gravy. Some of the flavors ended up in the ground due to bad sales, while other met stranger fates, such as White Russian, which was discontinued due to the increasing price of Kahlua flavoring. Each of the headstones also bears the birth and death dates of the flavors, which taken together, paint a grim picture of infant mortality among ice creams.

As of this writing there are 35 flavors interred in the Ben & Jerry’s boneyard. Visitors can either take a factory tour which includes a visit to the cemetery, or they can come and pay their respects individually. But there is no need to be to distraught. Also much like in a pet cemetery, sometimes flavors come back, only in the Ben & Jerry’s Graveyard, it probably won’t make them evil.

One could say that these flavors have gone to meet their ice cream maker.