Bichacue Yath Arte & Naturaleza – Cali, Colombia - Atlas Obscura
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Cali, Colombia

Bichacue Yath Arte & Naturaleza

A magical world of elves and fairies tucked amongst the trees in Colombia. 

When you feel like returning to your fairytale roots, enter this magical moss-covered world full of goblins, elves, fairies, and other mythical creatures hiding in the hills, quite literally.

Technically, this art-and-nature reserve is designed as an outdoor classroom for children to learn about pre-colonial Colombia, but it’s really a recreational and educational retreat where people of all ages are destined to find unexpected ecological delights along a series of whimsical, winding paths where handmade creations are cleverly integrated with nature, leading to an increased respect both for the earth and the mythical universe as well.

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