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Biddison Family Cemetery

A small 19th-century graveyard tucked away in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. 


In the middle of a modern, suburban neighborhood hides a small family cemetery. Most of the graves date from the 1800s.

The Biddison family was once an affluent family in the Baltimore area. Given their wealth, it makes sense that they once owned a large swath of land in the area.

Unfortunately for these long-dead Biddisons, their distant relatives no longer live in the neighborhood. Since the living Biddison descendants were no longer around to maintain the graveyard, it fell into disrepair and became overgrown with tangled of vegetation. The local community now organizes occasional clean-up efforts to help revive the forgotten burial place. The cemetery is still open to the public, though few people seem to know it exists.

The graveyard isn’t the only place near here to preserve the Biddison family’s presence. One of the cross streets is also named for the family.

Know Before You Go

This site is relatively easy to find; however, there are many small one-way streets in the neighborhood that may be a little challenging to navigate, especially if you miss a turn.

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