Bill Rhodes’ People Friendly Garden - Atlas Obscura

Retired welder Bill Rhodes bought an over 200-year-old farmhouse and turned it into a wonderland of metal art. Rhodes still is currently adding to his creation, there is no number on how many creations are currently at the People Friendly Garden.

Feel free to sit, relax, or wander around the People Friendly Garden. Rhodes encourages people to sit and take the garden in and enjoys that people find it as a place of inspiration. 

All of Bill’s creations are originals. Bill will sell some of his art, but is keen on keeping it all too, because he enjoys every piece he’s created. There is plenty of parking and it even lights up at night, to highlight some of the art even more.

“I just have all this art locked up inside of me,” says Rhodes. “I don’t force anyone to buy anything because everything I build, I kinda like.” Bill’s Whimsical Welding is located in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, on the corner of Grant and Third street. Rhodes says, “When I build on of these things, hell, I’m happy and I like doing it and when I’m done with it, I like it.”

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