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Bison of Bornholm

Aakirkeby, Denmark

Even though bison are not native to this Danish island, you might find them walking around the Almindingen Forestas as part of a nature experiment. 


In the heart of Bornholm within the vast expanse of Almindingen Forest, you’ll encounter a unique sight not found anywhere else in Denmark—a bison sign. In 2012, a small herd of European bison (six cows and one bull) were introduced into the forest as part of a nature experiment aimed at restoring the once-stable bison population in Europe.

When they arrived, it was the first time these massive mammals had lived in Denmark in more than 2,000 years. The bison do not roam freely in the forest, but rather within a 200-hectare paddock. Presently, 10 bison freely roam the piece of land. Though spotting them is a rare occurrence, it’s possible if you’re lucky.

Accessible by car, the bison forest in Almindingen provides parking within the forest itself. The park is crisscrossed with various pathways, offering opportunities to explore the rich surroundings.

Know Before You Go

The Danish Nature Agency, managing the forest, advises maintaining a distance of 100 meters from the bison and exercising caution when in proximity to the animals.

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