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Bloedel Conservatory

This conservatory allows a little bit of the tropics to thrive in the middle of a major Canadian city. 


Glowing atop the highest point in Vancouver, the Bloedel Conservatory maintains a variety of tropical jungle ecosystems in one cold Canada park.

Built in 1969, the conservatory is housed under a massive triodetic dome consisting of a number of connected glass bubbles. Beneath the modernist dome is a lush garden wonderland comprised of three distinct biomes: tropical rainforest, subtropical rainforest, and desert. Among the distinct environments, over 500 species and varietals of plant life thrive far from their native climes. Coffee trees and fig trees share space with exotic ferns and lilies. In addition to sheltering the varied flora the space also acts as an aviary, housing over 100 birds which are free to soar under the tall dome. The brightly colored birds and verdant walking trails create a veritable Eden.

Maintaining the incredible garden in the Bloedel Conservatory is a pretty expensive endeavor and the site has had a number of funding issues but continual support from multiple investors has allowed the conservatory to carry on its conservation efforts. 

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