Boomer – New Hope, Pennsylvania - Atlas Obscura

A peculiar beast guards the streets of this small Pennsylvania town. With its outrageously long tail, upturned snout, and somewhat canine appearance, the monster looks like a mishmash of living and mythical beings. Though equally as frightening as it is charming, the unusual creature is now a beloved member of the community.

Boomer, a sculpture made by local artist Dana Stewart, was temporarily installed in 2003 for the New Hope Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show. However, people soon fell in love with the strange sculpture. Local officials decided to make the beast a real resident and installed it next to the Delaware Canal State Park. Boomer is now the town’s unofficial mascot.

Stewart, who lives and works right across the river from Boomer’s now-permanent home, creates sculptures of the beasts and creatures that roam within his imagination. Many, like Boomer, have elongated tails that stretch for disproportionate lengths to their bodies and bear grimaces or snarls on their faces. These odd, monstrous creations reflect a tension between lighthearted whimsy and the dark, somber emotions often lurking nearby.

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