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Bora Trieste

The Adriatic's most famous wind can be reliably experienced in the city's Marina. 

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The Bora and the city of Trieste go hand-in-hand. These katabatic winds famous in the Adriatic Sea have become part of life for residents 0f Trieste. It can be brutal to endure, but has also become something the people of the region can’t imagine living without.  

The precipitous descent of the winds from the Slovenian Karst into the Gulf of Trieste means that the city is the site of intense wind friction. The waterfront skyline darkens when a dark Bora blows, and hyperlocal thunderheads crackle with lightning. The bar on top of the Marina San Giusto is an ideal spot to head to when the Bora begins to blow.

Know Before You Go

Strong winds are thrilling to expose oneself to, but they can also hurl objects around. Be aware of your surroundings and don't take for granted that a chair won't be flung across the floor.

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