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Borgata Maison

A schoolhouse and chapel are all that remains of this alpine village. 


The village of Borgata Maison was used until the 1960s. The village was slowly abandoned, as people parted with the countryside for city life. The buildings around the site are crude in nature and makes use of rocky outcroppings where possible.

Many are in an extreme state of disrepair, but some are in remarkably good condition. Near the schoolhouse, there is also a small chapel with frescoes on the exterior.

The hiking trails in the area pass through several small hamlets like this, some with only a few inhabitants, while others are entirely abandoned and in a state of decay. There are several other Alpine refuges in the area offering a free place to stay the night, Refugio Noaschetta being the closest. A hiking key may be available at the Gran Paradiso bar in the nearby town of Noasca. 

The chapel, schoolhouse, and abandoned hamlets are all along a marked trail.

Know Before You Go

The street address here is for a local office of the National park in the area (Gran Paradiso).

Another resource for those interested, this is an excellent guide to the hiking trails in the area.

Public transportation can be used to go from Torino (Turin) to Noasca. A local train (SFM 1, part of the GTT- Gruppo Torinese Trasporti - network, not the national Trenitalia network) goes from Porta Susa in Torino to the station in Canavese (the end of this rail line). 

Most trains out of Porta Susa are scheduled by Trenitalia. Trenitalia ticket machines may not sell tickets for this route. If this is still the case, look for a GTT ticket office or machine.

Extra-urban service bus route 5137 (also on the GTT network) goes from Canavese to Noasca. Ticket machines and a ticket office for the GTT network can be found at the station in Canavese.

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