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Abandoned Bounty Beach Bungalows Resort

A Balinese resort, empty and trapped in time. 


Built in the early 2000s, when the three tiny Gili islands were enjoying new attention from tourists seeking to branch out from the beaches of Bali, the resort called Bounty Beach Bungalows was intended to be a higher-end lodging option on Gili Meno, a quiet island of only 300 residents.

Just before the Bounty was set to open, in 2002 the terrorist bombings in Bali brought international tourism to the area practically to a screeching halt. The owner of the resort closed up shop, promising locals that he’d open the place within a few years. Today, the skeletal poles of the boat jetty can be seen along the beach and most of the resort’s bungalows are falling off their stilts.

Now-defunct computers can still be seen through the office windows, menus can still be found in the restaurant area, and the swimming pool is always filled with murky rainwater. A groundskeeper still watches over the property and tells curious visitors that the resort will be repaired and opened, though he cannot say when or how.

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