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Brandy Gap Tunnel #2

Salem, West Virginia

This abandoned train tunnel has been the subject of countless ghost stories for years.  


Brandy Gap Tunnel #2, also known as the Flinderation Tunnel, is an abandoned train tunnel now part of the North Bend Rail Trail, just outside of Salem. The tunnel was completed around 1857 under a cemetery that dates back to the 1700s.

Many visitors to the tunnel have claimed to witness various types of paranormal activity. It has become a favorite haunt of ghost hunters and curious adventurers. Legend has it that a railroad worker who was accidentally killed in the tunnel is the spirit inhabiting the subterranean lair.

Know Before You Go

Bring a flashlight, it's dark in there. You can park at the gate. Bring rain shoes as the tunnel can be muddy. It also gets cold, so bring a warm jacket or winter coat depending on the time of day/year.

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