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Bridge of Peace

With over 10,000 lights, this engineering marvel lights up the city after dark.  


Officially opened in 2010, this impressive bridge designed by Italian architect Michele de Lucchi connects the historic old town of Tbilisi to the west and Rike Park to the east. 

The modern design of this bridge over the Mtkvari river received mixed reactions. Locals and several well-known politicians and public figures criticized the structure for its extravagant design against the backdrop of the historical landmarks in the old town.

The bridge stretches more than 400 feet (150 meters) across the river. A walk across provides a great view in both directions, capturing many of the city’s sights such as the Metekhi Church and the iconic statue of King Vakhtang Gorgasali. The bridge is composed of many large curved, steel beams with multiple glass panels. Around each panel are multiple LED lights that make the bridge an iconic sight during sunsets.  

Know Before You Go

This bridge sits in a central position in Tbilisi and can be taken in on an extended walk from Rike Park over to the historic old town, taking in many sights as you go. Several companies offer riverboat tours which allow visitors to get a different perspective of the impressive bridge. 

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