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Bryce, Utah

Bryce Canyon

Giant, natural amphitheaters made of delicate geological formations called "hoodoos." 

Reds and oranges swirl stunningly in the rocks of these natural ampitheaters.

Created by frost weathering and stream erosion, these distinctive formations are called hoodoos, formed by a process of headward erosion. Creating long streams and larger basins, this particular geographic occurance created large, brightly-colored pinnacles that jut out from the basin in a georgeous display.

Parking can be tricky, so it is recommended to park at the Shuttle Staging Area outside of the park and ride the shuttle in. There is no extra cost to use the shuttle. Shuttles run frequently (about every  10 to 15 minutes) and will take you to several of the most scenic points as well as the campground, lodge and visitors’ center.