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Buxian Bridge

Huangshan, China

This short pedestrian span is also known as the "Fairy Walking Bridge" because it looks almost magical. 


After traversing a series of dizzying trails that hug the side of Mt. Huang, the path leads right into a rock face and out on to Buxian Bridge which spans the chasm between two giant rock faces.

While the bridge was built in 1987, it very deliberately looks as though it was built much earlier. The concrete bridge is only a few feet across, but the elaborate design work used on the hand rails give the short span the feel of some ancient Chinese relic built by an ancient dynasty of some sort. The rift often fills with impenetrable clouds of fog that are common to the region (and which actually give the surrounding Xihai Grand Canyon its name, Xihai meaning “West Sea” referring to the foggy oceans of clouds surrounding the peaks).

The bridge has earned the nickname the “Fairy Walking Bridge” thanks to the fantastical, otherworldly vibe that the pass has. In fact the entire hiking area is referred to as the “Magic Scenic Area” thanks to the stunning paths alont the cliff sides and other natural features such as a peak known as the “Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion” which tends to punch up through the cloud layer. Even if it is a recent, man-made bridge, the Buxian span is one of the more magical places on the Earth.

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