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Cala Longa's Resort Ruins

Porto-Vecchio, France

A resort destroyed by a mysterious bombing offers visitors only its remains and the riddle behind it's demise.  


About a decade ago, an Italian real estate promoter built a large resort on the shore of Corsica’s Cala Longa beach. It operated for two years before a sudden bombing destroyed the property. Information regarding the incident is limited, and the source and motive behind the bomb is in question, however, a local law requires an agreement with the local nationalists (who are known as a kind of mafia) before building a villa or resort. It is speculated by some locals that the proper agreement was never made, and the nationalists…well, they terminated the deal.

Ruins of the devastated resort remain, and a small part the hotel is still in use and equipped with guard dogs. Access is denied, but if you happen to sneak over, watch out for the holes in the floor and don’t miss the vestiges of the swimming pool.

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