Camp Hero – Montauk, New York - Atlas Obscura

Established in 1929 and finally decommissioned in the 1980s, Montauk’s Camp Hero is a legendary site among conspiracy buffs. The base’s most prominent features are concrete bunkers built in during World War II to house large coastal defense artillery and an enormous 126-foot radar dish built in 1958.

Barracks, laboratories and other buildings on the base were all built to resemble a small fishing village. The base has long been associated with a number of conspiracies, the most famous being the Philadelphia Experiment, in which the USS Eldridge was supposedly rendered invisible. The base has also been implicated in conspiracies involving time travel, the Men in Black, Martians, and Nikola Tesla.

The area is now a state park encompassing 415 acres of diverse landscape, with “heavily wooded areas, a long expanse of beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean, and a historic military installation.”

The popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, is based on the numerous conspiracy theories that surround this decommissioned military base.

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