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Riverside, Iowa

Captain James T. Kirk Future Birthplace

A place of great reverence for Trekkies everywhere, a hero's future birthplace. 

Just behind a small yellow house, now used as a salon, in a private courtyard, we can admire the future birthplace of James Tiberius Kirk, captain of the Star Trek series’ Enterprise spaceship.

A stone tells us that the Federation of Planets hero will be born there in 2228 (although some online sites claim his DOB is 2238). In the meantime, packs of Trek lovers and various nerds meet there at the annual Trek Fest in the Iowa countryside. On those days you can meet people dressed in space uniform alongside with the 1800-styled Amish who ride horses and don’t use electricity – the past and future meeting together.

Know Before You Go

Along 1st Street, just west of Washburn, there are several two-story storefronts. In a gap between these is a small yellow building, now a hair salon/barber shop. The stone marker is in a small courtyard behind that salon. There is access through the alley next to the building.

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