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Orlando, Florida

Carmine Oddities Boutique

Human skulls and a stuffed goat made into a rocking chair can be found at this strange little store. 

A strange little shop located in North Orlando, the Carmine Boutique caters to those with a special taste for the odd. From two-headed mummies, to strange taxidermy, to century-old occult books, if you have a penchant for the unusual and sometimes frightening, Carmine has something for you.

 The shop on Orange Blossom Trail got its name by way of the previous tenant, American Signs. Red lettering reading “American” was attached to the building, so in order to make the most use of them, the new curio store became Carmine. It’s the same kind of ingenuity applied to the inventory, which includes retired gadgetry (a 1950’s intercom system and gramophone), strange medical equipment (an antique polio leg brace and a pick and mix selection of glass eyes), and the generally bizarre (a set of dentures set up in a terrarium and a taxidermied goat repurposed into a rocking chair).

If the weird stuff just isn’t your thing, it might still be worth stopping by, for something nearly everyone can appreciate. There’s a coffee stand just inside the door. 

Know Before You Go

The shop opens by 10AM and closes at 6PM on weekdays and 8PM on the weekend.