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Carrickfergus Radar Tower

An abandoned shipping control tower looks like a satellite perched at the end of a pier.  


In the historic town of Carrickfergus on the East Antrim coast, there is a massive castle, old town houses, a historic pier—and a strange-looking tower at the end of the pier. This odd construction opposite Carrickfergus Castle is known as a Radar School Tower, and was primarily used to monitor shipping arrivals and departures from the Belfast Lough area. The tower was built in the 1960s, but with improved technology it soon became obsolete, and was completely derelict by the 1990s. Yet it still sits at the end of the pier, like a historic wreck at the bottom of the ocean, and its only use is as a shelter for fishermen when it rains. 

The Radar Tower is a listed historic building, and therefore there are restrictions on what can be done with it. Plans have been proposed to turn the tower into an art gallery or even a coffee shop, but nothing has happened just yet.  

Know Before You Go

The radar tower is located on the pier adjacent to Carrickfergus Castle, and is accessible by walking or cycling. If traveling by car, there is public parking opposite the castle. It's also walkable from the train station. 

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