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Casa de Pedra

The eccentric home of Estevão Silva da Conceição, known as the "Brazilian Gaudí." 


Estevão Silva da Conceição worked for over 30 years to build a truly unique home for his family in one of the city’s favelas.

The diminuative wonder is located in Paraisópolis, the city’s second largest favela. Estevão shares most of his time between janitorial duties and part-time gardening jobs at more affluent regions, using his remaining free time to keep working on expanding the house.

The house is remarkably reminiscent of the architectural work done by Antonio Gaudí. Even so, according to its owner, who does not have formal education and untill recently had never heard of the famous spanish architect, it is not Gaudí-inspired. Since then, he has travelled to Spain, and upon seeing Gaudí’s work first-hand, has agreed the resemblance is real.

The house was discovered by chance by an architecture student who happened to walk past it. From then on, it has attracted visitors of all kinds, curious to see its tile mosaic surfaces and walk through its maze-like corridors filled with various kinds of objects.

Know Before You Go

Located in one of the city's favelas, it is not easily accessible to visitors intending to go on their own. Still, this location is part of the Paraisópolis das Artes guided tour. Organized by Nova Paraisópolis, a local organization focused on revitalizing Paraisópolis, these tours include visits to multiple other art-relevant places in the favela and must be previously scheduled.

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