Casa de Pilatos (Pilate's House) – Seville, Spain - Atlas Obscura
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Seville, Spain

Casa de Pilatos (Pilate's House)

A 16th-century Andalusian palace. 

This 16th-century Andalusian palace in Seville, Spain, serves as the permanent residence of the Dukes of Medinaceli. 

The palace features unique architecture supposedly based on Pontius Pilot’s estate, decor and even has a bust of Caligula. Construction was completed by Fadrique Enríquez de Rivera (the first Marquis of Tarifa), whose pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1519 led to the building being given the name “Pilate’s House.”

The palace features Renaissance architecture and centuries-old paintings and was a filming location for the 1960s film Lawrence of Arabia.