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Casa Sirena Seaside Resort

Abandoned in 2009, this once popular resort destination now stands frozen in time.  


Constructed in 1972, Casa Sirena was the brainchild of local hotel magnate Martin V. “Bud” Smith. Located in the heart of Channel Islands Harbor, the seaside resort once boasted 274 rooms, including a spacious lobby, pool, hot tub, and countless other amenities.  

In 1976, a 90-room annex was completed next door to accommodate Casa Sirena’s seasonal crowds. In 2006, Casa Sirena was redeveloped, and its annex was rebranded as a Hampton Inn that remains in operation to this day. The rest of the resort property was deemed non-operational in 2009. After remaining a popular tourist destination for nearly 40 years, Casa Sirena permanently closed its doors soon thereafter. 

Today, many of the resort’s interior spaces appear frozen in time, filled with discarded tables and toppled armoires. Other spaces have taken on a new life of their own, complete with vibrant graffiti and plant life. With sirena meaning “siren” or “mermaid” in Spanish, several concrete sculptures also remain scattered throughout the property—including a gracefully slender mermaid near the former entrance of the resort’s onsite restaurant.

Casa Serina stands in plain sight as a reminder of days past; a forgotten ruin of its former self and the bygone glory days it once personified.

Know Before You Go

Although clearly visible through broken glass and mucky windows, the building's interior is inaccessible to visitors. The resort's expansive property is otherwise used regularly by local joggers and dog walkers, including its exterior walkways and outdoor pool area. Caution is recommended when getting close to the buildings and is best viewed from a distance. After hour visitations are not advised.

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