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Charlie Chaplin's Vacation Statue

An Irish town has built a statue to a silent film actor simply thanks to the holidays he once spent there. 


The quiet Irish village of Waterville has been a holiday (British usage) destination for a number of travelers over the years, but none more beloved that silent film comedian Charlie Chaplin who got a statue right in the middle of town, just for vacationing there.

Staying at the large Butler Arms Hotel in Waterville Chaplin brought his family to the Irish coastal town on vacation every year for over ten years beginning in 1959. Despite not being Irish, setting any of his films in Ireland, or ever portraying an Irish character, the actor became so beloved by the community during his brief stays, that they finally erected a permanent bronze statue of the man. The statue is even accompanied by a gushing plaque thanking Chaplin for his humble presence. In addition to the statue, the small town now holds a Chaplin film festival each year which has been endorsed by the Chaplin estate. Not a bad remembrance for years of vacations.  

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On N70 heading south from Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland.

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