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Cherry Point Farm and Market Lavender Labyrinth

Shelby, Michigan

A lavender labyrinth so large it’s visible on Google Earth. 


With the assistance of landscape architect Conrad Heiderer, fourth-generation Cherry Point Farm and Market owner Barbara Bull realized an expansive flower labyrinth with a kaleidoscopic herb garden at its epicenter.

Barbara Bull stepped up to the helm of Cherry Point Farm and Market with grand plans for this long-standing fruit and flower venue. Founded in 1949, the farm has been owned and operated by Bull’s family for four generations; and in 2001, she transformed the charming produce pitstop into an aromatic attraction with the creation of a monumental lavender labyrinth.

This sweet-smelling addition to Cherry Point Farm and Market was designed to facilitate peace, relaxation, and meditation. “Unlike a maze,” the farm’s website notes, “a labyrinth is a continuous circuit and you cannot get lost.” Rather, visitors are guided through a contemplative journey flanked by fragrant lavender plants, Black-eyed Susans and hollyhocks.

At the labyrinth’s meticulously-manicured center, over 30 herb beds define a 12-point vesica pattern designed to fulfill the principles of sacred geometry. Twelve circles, 52 arbor posts, and seven cross pieces nod to the months and weeks of the year, and the days of the week.

Visit between mid-July and early August to catch the lavender labyrinth in full bloom, and pick up all manners of lavender products from the market. Cherry Point Farm and Market additionally offers produce grown on site, freshly-baked pies, breads, and pastries fortified with apples, pears, peaches, and cherries from the trees that surround the labyrinth, and hosts fish boils during the summer months.

Know Before You Go

The lavender peaks from mid to late July, and the color is most vibrant from July into early August. After Labor Day, the lavender is harvested. It takes approximately one hour to reach the labyrinth’s center. Cherry Point Farm and Market is open from June 20 through October 31. Hours of operation vary throughout the season. Cherry Point Farm and Market is located a mile from Lake Michigan, and only minutes from the Silver Lake sand dunes.

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