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Children are the Victims of Adult Vices

Thirteen sculptures in central Moscow graphically depicting vices of the modern world. 


In 2001, Russian artist Mihail Chemiakin constructed an unusual sculpture, “Children are the Victims of Adult Vices,” depicting two unaware children playing as 13 evil statues surround them.

The 13 “evil” sculptures depict alcoholism, exploitation of child labor, indifference, drug addiction, prostitution, sadism, ignorance, pseudoscience, war, poverty, theft, capitol punishment, and advocating violence. Each work is incredibly detailed, showing figures closing in on the little golden boy and girl. Besides the children, the centerpiece of the work is the statue depicting indifference to these vices, and showing a man with closed eyes, plugged ears and folded arms.

When the work was first constructed, there was some concern that the outstretched hands of the grotesque evils would frighten children. Nonetheless Chemiakin’s work survived and can still be seen just south of the Kremlin on the banks of the Moscow River.


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