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Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom

Zhuhai Shi, China

This aquarium has almost as many world records as it does fish. 


China’s newly opened Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom is a sprawling amusement park devoted to all things oceanic, and while it was instantly the world’s largest aquarium, its also shattering other world records most people didn’t even know existed.

Comprised of seven themed areas which constitute the larger park, the Ocean Kingdom has a cumulative 12 million gallons of held water across its various attractions earning it the Guinness World Record for Largest Aquarium, but that’s not all. The park’s flagship attraction, the Whale Shark tank also managed garner four more world records all by itself. The massive tank that holds the (coincidentally) world’s largest species of shark, holds over half of the entire park’s water at almost six million gallons making it the largest aquarium tank in the world. Visitors can also view the sea life in the tank through a dizzyingly large acrylic window that holds the record for both largest aquarium window and largest acrylic panel in the world. Then finally there is the huge viewing dome which is essentially a see-through ballroom that holds the record for world’s largest underwater viewing dome.

World records aside, the assorted marine life on display is impressive in its own right. The various sections of the park hold animals ranging from manta rays and sharks to seals and octopi. Schools of small fish and artificial coral reefs also abound, essentially creating a miniature ocean. The park even holds a couple of orca whales, but Ocean World has received some criticism about the beasts’ Russian origins.

Shady killer whales or no, the Chime-Long Ocean World is expected to become a multi-million dollar a year enterprise. It might even go on to earn another world record as the most successful aquarium in the world.

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