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Chocolate Waterfall

One of the world's tallest, oldest, and most disgusting chocolate cascades. 


Located directly inside the front door of the Candy Basket shop in Portland, Oregon this chocolate waterfall has been around since 1991. The twenty-one-foot towering cascade is crafted from Italian marble and sculpted bronze, and spews an astounding 2700 pounds of chocolate from top to bottom.

The first thing one might notice is the aroma that the recirculated decorative chocolate emits. Although an astonishing sight to behold, don’t even think about sneaking a taste! This chocolate has been recirculating for over four years and is open to the air and all who view it. Which is obvious by the constant splattering of dark chocolate. There is a small brass plaque that sits atop a marble slab that reads, “Please do not eat our chocolate cascade, we have samples available.” The chocofall is quite a site to behold and a great photo opportunity for all visitors from near and far. It is a testament to creative engineering, company pride and one man’s vision. If you can tear yourself away from the mezmorizing entrance, the chocolates manufactured and sold are delicious. There are also some really great deals in the “oops” section. These are chocolates that are considered “seconds” because of size, shape, markings, etc…I guess just not perfect enough to charge full price.

Definitely worth the trip if you are passing by. The Candy Basket is located right off of the highway and makes a perfect break from driving. The Candy Basket no longer offers tours. 

Know Before You Go

Located conveniently just off of I-84 East, on the way to Edgefield McMennamins, and Troutdale. Take exit 13 for 181st Ave towards Gresham. Shorthill Taffy/The Candy Basket will be a few blocks up on your left.

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August 12, 2009

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