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Circus Space

The largest clown school in Britain offering accredited degrees. 


This is Britain’s largest clown school, and the only place one where you can be awarded a degree (BA Hons) from a man in an orange wig and oversized shoes as you leap through a ring of fire.

Thank sawdust for Circus Space, a Hoxton-based centre of education and exhibition of the finest traditional circus arts. Once a Victorian power station, the Vestry of St Leonard Shoreditch Electric Light Station, was rescued from collapse in 1994 and re-appropriated to the capital’s home of Big Top bravado. 

The last vestiges of its former use can be seen in an engraving above the door - words which give vitality to the weary acrobat, “e pulvere lux et vis,” or “Out of the dust, light and power”. Taking into account that the Borough of Shoreditch motto is “More Light, More Power”, it is not hard to see how central this building has always been. 

Know Before You Go

The building is on the corner of Coronet Street and Hoxton Market. Evidence of its original use are on the carving and plaque at the front door. 

Access is level and the building can be seen at any time. The nearest stations are Old Street and Shoreditch High Street. 

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