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Cirkuskroen (The Circus Pub)

This legendary dive bar boasts a collection of over 1,300 clown figurines. 


Wildly absurdist and anything but fancy, Cirkuskroen stands out as one of the oldest and smallest pubs in Aarhus, Denmark. Its name honors the Miehe circus family, who ran the establishment in years past. Now owned by Lars Brændstrup Andersen, who is affectionately known as “The Clown” by patrons. This nickname comes from his occasional donning of a clown costume while serving drinks.

After Andersen took over the pub, it underwent a bizarre transformation courtesy of the addition of numerous clown dolls that now decorate the space. The vibrant figurines are scattered throughout the pub, hanging from the ceiling, perched on shelves and windowsills, and filling every available nook. Originating as a gift from one of the pub’s loyal patrons to Andersen, the clown collection quickly became a beloved tradition among the regulars, who enthusiastically contribute to its growth.

Once a year, during the customary annual spring cleaning, each clown doll undergoes meticulous counting. This task requires the coordinated effort of a team consisting of six to seven individuals, who diligently work for three consecutive days to clean and account for each clown. As of the latest count in 2024, the tally stands at over 1,300 clown figurines in total.

The clown-themed pub serves as a gathering place for a diverse range of individuals, including elders, students, and local characters alike. Among the regular patrons, each with their own designated seats, are those fondly known by special nicknames such as “The Mayor,” “Kim Trash,” “Gitte Smoke,” and “The Spritzer.”

Know Before You Go

Open daily and located near the harbor area, within walking distance from central Aarhus. Accessible via trams L1 and L2, as well as buses 17, 23, and 46. Please note that smoking is permitted in the pub, so if you have allergies to cigarette smoke or are concerned about your clothes retaining odor, it's advisable to keep your visit brief.

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