Skalní obydlí Lhotka (Cliff Dwelling in Lhotka) – Lhotka, Czechia - Atlas Obscura
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Lhotka, Czechia

Skalní obydlí Lhotka (Cliff Dwelling in Lhotka)

Every part of this unusual home is built into the sandstone rock. 

This old house, built into a sandstone cliffs of the protected area Kokořínsko, is one of many cliff dwellings in the area. Some windows of building are holes in the rock, chimney is in a rock crevice, and the roof looks like swamped by a big boulder. 

The rock dwelling in Lhotka is one of many in the area, and one of the oldest inhabited. If you’re visiting the dwelling, you can also check out the Regional Museum in Melnik nearby.

You can visit the house for a small fee during the summer.